Participation of EURL Plant Parasitic Nematodes to the EPPO workshop for Heads of Laboratories

Participation of EURL PPN to the EPPO workshop for Heads of Laboratories organized on September 9 -11, 2019 in France. This EPPO initiative brought together the heads of plant health National and European Reference Laboratories in the EU area, as well as a representation of the European Commission, European cooperation for Accreditation and several national accreditation bodies. This workshop intended to introduce the five EURL for plant health and their work programmes. Exchanges on the implementation of the new version of ISO17025 standard in the field of plant health and the establishment and management of a flexible scope of accreditation to meet the requirements of the new European Regulation (EU) 2016/2031 on official controls occurred. This event contributed to advancing, understanding, and reflection on how Reference Laboratories will fulfill the requirement to carry out all their official analyses under accreditation.